Sin City Rental

Las Vegas, Nevada

We received a phone call at the end of summer from a gentleman that was hired by Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino seeking assistance in coordinating an event for a well known IT Tech Brand called Splunk.

Our client described to us a corporate event/conference for employee's, management & even some of their top customers. Being in the IT world, our client was not familiar with anything actions sports, in particular skateboarding.

We discussed several options we offer for rentals to helping understand which ramp best suited their needs, space & budget. Hosting close to 10k guests, we certainly did not want the smallest ramp. Deciding upon our standard, yet very large 16ft wide halfpipe kit with double extensions was a perfect match. Customizing the ramp with two toned colors of black & red branding with natural wood sides & gold coping to really make it pop (typically our coping is standard silver). Needless to say everyone was hyped!

Skip forward a few months to October, just completing our annual Ramptober party our week was busy as usual! We had dialed in our trailer, loaded up all our bags & cruised out to Las Vegas with four skateboarders from our Family Team. Pictured is Karly, TomTom, Dezmin & Christian.

The crew left bright & early, ready for their one day AKA turn around trip to Vegas! Arriving to the strip in the afternoon the crew had to assemble the ramp by 5pm. As usual it was stressful with the time crunch and the corporate event planner was getting nervous if we'd finish in time.

Within minutes of the deadline, we finished the mini ramp installation just in time. The crew headed to the hotel for an hour to freshen up for the big event that evening.

Our fam team performed throughout the night from 6pm to 11pm with thousands of fascinated viewers.

Best part was everyone had fun during the demo, from performing to people watching.  After the event ended at 11pm the crew was exhausted! Although being tired that did not stop the crew from hitting up Fremont Street & the Las Vegas strip! Stumbling back to the hotel before 3am, then back up at 8am to the job site by 9am to disassemble the ramp. Our clients were very pleased with the rental, performance and professionalism.

Check out our time lapse of the ramp take down!

If you have any upcoming events that need our skills, contact us and we'd be happy to amplify your experience.