Street League and OC RAMPS

Our OC RAMPS Team has several riders that compete (and win) in the Dew Tour, Tampa Pro, Maloof Money Cup, X-Games and Street League. Starting this week with Street League Brazil, we have 3 of our team riders competing for a spot. 
Street League was conceived by Rob Dyrdek and includes 24 of the world's best skateboarders in competition for some huge money. Not everyone can skate in the Street League contest. Like many core skate competitions, this is an "invite only" contest...and Rob doesn't invite just anyone!
Dyrdek has invited these 3 riders from our team; Ryan Decenzo, Greg Lutzka and Manny Santiago.
Here are the times to look out for...
  • The SLS Select Series live on ESPN3 Thurs April 18 11am ET (showing our riders; Lutzka, Santiago and Decenzo)
  • The SLS Pro Prelims live on ESPN3 Fri April 19 2-3pm ET, continuing live on ESPN 3-5pm ET
  • The SLS Pro Final live on ESPN Sat April 20 2pm ET