The SoCal Experience: Rental Edition

Carlsbad, CA

The OC crew packed up the trailer & hit the road towards lively San Diego on a gorgeous Thursday the 26th of July, 2018. With spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the fresh breeze & ocean vibes, the crew arrived at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, California. Omni, rental, carlsbad, skateboarding, halfpipe When we had an Event Company from out of state contact us, mentioning all the fun we've been hyping on social media; they wanted to join & add something different and unique to an event they were hosting for new recruits from all over the USA! We were pumped to introduce some Cali flavor to some instant East Coast friends! The ultimate Cali experience is of course having a OC Ramps 16 foot wide half pipe at a luxurious beach resort, on the golf course under the beautiful sun & swaying palm trees. Does it get more Cali then that?! omni, rental, halfpipe, beach, skateboarding As soon as the crew arrived to location we quickly jumped into action & started assembling the massive 4 foot tall by 16 foot wide half pipe to all it's glory. While catching the crowd's curiosity we had Jordan Hoffart & Alec Beck display some double ride tricks along with Jordan holding his skateboard primo style on the top deck of the ramp for Alec to olley up & nose grind a top Jordan's deck. The trick turned out ON POINT; be sure to view the wild video on our Instagram ( direct link to our IG video post ) omni, carlsbad, skateboarding, rental, half pipe With the crowd hyped, Mike Berdis kept it alive with a 540 flip; while TJ Rogers was performing some old school & new school tricks. In between sessions TJ was happy meeting some stoked fans! One of the highlights that got the crowd pumped was when Jordan Hoffart did a front side flip disaster & broke his board in half!!! It was an epic sight to say the least! omni, beach, carlsbad, skateboarding, half pipe, rental ​Our contact Ashley gave us some awesome feedback we'd love to share with you all!​ "Personally, I wanted to make sure I told you all thank you so much for all of your hard work. Having the Half-Pipe built on the Golf Course (I like to exaggerate a little) was one of the highlights of my career lol! I’m in the office the majority of the time coming up with cool ideas with my team, but rarely do I get to see our wild ideas take flight without a hitch. I turned over to my associates during the Welcome Reception and said “Damn, do you feel like a bad ass???”… then she laughed and smirked at me and said “Well Yea!” haha I think we pretty much ROCKED that hotel. A special shout out to your Pro-Skateboarders out there too, they really looked like they were having a great time and enjoying themselves! Great sense of humor. You guys totally rocked!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you…. The night turned out PERFECTLY and we couldn’t have done it without OC Ramps." -Ashley Y. Senior Event Designer   If you have a corporate event and looking for FRESH idea's, slide into our DMs (direct messages) & let's chat! Contact us