Thrill-Filled Skateboarding with OC Ramps for Bassani Exhaust!

Ramp Up the Excitement: OC Ramps at the Bassani Exhaust Red, White & Blue Show for an Epic Independence Day Kickoff!

Our close-knit circle and esteemed team rider, Greg Lutzka, came through with an exciting proposition that had us all buzzing with anticipation.

A unique collaboration was in the works, courtesy of Greg's connection with the Bassani Exhaust owner. Set to unfold in the vibrant month of July 2023, this event was nothing short of extraordinary.

Bassani Exhaust, a distinguished motorcycle brand hailing from the heart of Anaheim, California, renowned for crafting some of the most exceptional exhaust systems on the planet, was gearing up to host a high-octane motorcycle extravaganza as a prelude to the Fourth of July festivities.

Bassani Exhaust Event with OC Ramps skateboard rentals

In a meeting of minds, the visionary owner of Bassani Exhaust conveyed his desire to infuse an adrenaline-charged skateboarding element into the affair. Drawing upon the formidable skills of Greg and a select crew of our OC team riders, the plan was to inject a dynamic skateboarding dimension that would harmonize seamlessly with the event's vibrant atmosphere.

As the curtain rose on this one-of-a-kind gathering, attendees would be treated to an eclectic blend of live music, delectable culinary delights, a refreshing array of beverages, a sizzling burnout contest, and even a vivacious bikini showcase - all interwoven with the spirit of motorcycling revelry.

Bikini Contest at Bassani Exhaust event with OC Ramps

Amidst the thematic tapestry painted in patriotic hues, our collective imagination ran wild. Among the diverse obstacles planned, the piece de resistance was undoubtedly our iconic American flag Cody McEntire's Butter Bench, an emblem of unity and freedom.

Serving as both a functional skate feature and a visual ode to the stars and stripes, it promised to resonate powerfully with the event's ethos.

OC Ramps Signature Series at Ramp Rental for Bassani Exhaust Event

Further enriching the skateboarding spectacle, we were thrilled to bring out our Road Series collection and Wedge bump ramp - versatile obstacles designed to launch skateboarders soaring over motorcycles, the ultimate embodiment of exhilarating synergy between two dynamic realms.

OC Ramps Road Series at Bassani Exhaust Event

The convergence of motorcycle aficionados, music enthusiasts, and skateboarding zealots held the promise of an electrifying celebration, where the rhythmic rumbles of engines and the resonant clatter of skateboards would meld into a symphony of pure thrill.

OC Ramps at Bassani Exhaust Motorcycle Event

This was more than an event; it was a pulsating testament to the fusion of passions, an ode to the American spirit, and a chapter waiting to be etched into the annals of extreme excitement.