Tony Hawk's VERT ALERT: OC Ramps Pop-Up Skate Park!

Over the years, we've been lucky enough to team up with the legendary Tony Hawk on various projects. We always aim to go above and beyond, ensuring we get those repeat calls.

So, when one of the managers from Tony’s team reached out about the VERT ALERT event in Salt Lake City, Utah - we were beyond stoked!

Road to X Games with OC Ramps
Tony Hawks Vert Alert Pop up OC Ramps park
Tony has been hosting this amazing event for several years at the University of Utah. It’s a fantastic, free event for all ages, showcasing some of the world's best vert ramp riders.
OC Ramps at Tony Hawk Vert Alert

This year, they wanted OC Ramps to set up a pop-up skate park in front of the venue, open for the public to skate.

OC Ramps pop up skatepark at Tony Hawks Vert Alert
The designated area was a smooth concrete space, roughly 100 feet long by 30 feet wide. They asked us to use our expertise to create the perfect layout for skaters.
Skating over OC Ramps Road Series obstacle
We knew it had to feature a variety of ramps like quarter pipes, launch ramps, bumps, ledges, and rails, catering to both youth skaters and those more advanced.
OC Ramps pop up Skate Park at Vert Alert
We got busy pre-fabricating all the pieces, stacking them neatly on pallets, and delivering them to Tony Hawk's facility in San Diego, California. Tony’s team loaded our pallets onto their semi-truck along with his vert ramp, and off it went to Utah. Our owner, Tyler Large, along with our top skaters and builders, Christian and Tom, flew out with the tools to set up the ramps a day before the event.
OC Ramps at Tony Hawks Vert Alert event
After assembling the course, we set up a booth where parents could sign waivers and kids could grab some free OC promo and swag.
OC Ramps Booth at Vert Alert in Utah
During this two-day event, attendees could skate our course, enjoy free Liquid Death water, pick up toys from Hot Wheels, and then head inside to watch the pros in action. We had an absolute blast.
oc ramps behind the scenes at tony hawk vert alert

Watching the skating up close is a completely different experience, and seeing the kids’ faces light up while skating our course was priceless.

OC Ramps pop up skate park Tony Hawks road to xgames
We hope to return next year with another epic course for everyone to enjoy. From young kids to seasoned pros, we want everyone to have fun on their board.
See you next year, Salt Lake City!