Up Next: The Holiday Season

OC Ramps Headquarters
Santa Ana, California
Santa Skating on OC Ramps Headquarters
The holiday season is upon us and we want to make sure that you have all of the information you need as we all dive into our holiday shopping and sending out those wish lists to Santa.
The OC ramps crew has been preparing for this busy time of year since last year's holiday season came to a close. Our team meets throughout the year to discuss the game plan month-to-month to ensure that we are on track and all set for the holidays.
One point which we cannot emphasize enough is to order early!
Shipping and Transit:
Although our team has many items prepared and ready to ship ahead of time, some of our skate ramp kits may take some time to prepare and package. Also, many shipping carriers experience transit delays due to the high volume of shipments going out from countless businesses and due to unforeseen and/or harsh weather conditions which many regions experience during these months.
Our typical turnaround time for all small skate ramp and skate rail kits is 1 - 2 weeks from the time your order is placed to the time which it is delivered. For all larger quarter pipe ramps and half pipe ramps (mini ramps), the turnaround is typically 3 - 4 weeks.
** These turnaround times may be lengthened due to potential transit delays with the various shipping companies we work with. **
Rush Handling:
As soon as that order comes in, our production team has all hands on deck preparing your order to go out for shipping. We have two separate teams, working around the clock, to ensure that once an order comes in, it is being prepared or pulled for shipping.
We highly recommend taking advantage of our Rush Handling option which can be selected at checkout for an additional fee. This places your order at the top of our production list, even before orders which were placed before yours came through! It guarantees that we will have your order leave our warehouse within 1 - 4 business days from the day your order is placed rather than the typical 5 - 8 day period.
Please note - Rush Handling is not the same as Rush Delivery. Rush Handling ensures that your order leaves our warehouse between 1 - 4 business days. Once it has been shipped out, regular transit time will apply. We do not offer any expedited or rush delivery.
Will Call:
Live locally and prefer to pick up from us rather than have your order shipped? Give us a call or send over an email! Our team will just need to know which items you are looking to order and will be able to provide you a date for pick up. We will be available for Will Call pick ups every Friday between 8 am - 3 pm. You will need to communicate with us in advance so that our team can have your order ready upon arrival.
Email Communication:
Be sure to keep an eye on your email! Our team will be sending out all tracking and transit information via email. For our larger quarter pipes and half pipes, you will receive additional emails to help prepare for the delivery of these oversized shipments. Check that spam folder, as well, if you do not see any emails from OC Ramps coming through your regular inbox!
Santa's Gift Recommendations:
Not sure what to purchase your skater this holiday season? Not a problem. We have you covered. Below are a few different recommendations off of Santa's list this year.
A great combo ramp kit which we recommend is pairing one of our grind boxes with the GB Kicker. This is a fun duo that can be skated together or separately depending on what your skater is thinking of doing that day! You can either do one GB Kicker or two for both ends of the grind box of your choice.
*These two items must be purchased separately*
OC Ramps 4ft Grind Box with GB Kicker
Looking for a great skate rail for either your beginner skater or more advanced? We have the one for you! Our Roll On Rail is a favorite among many and is the perfect rail regardless of experience level.
OC Ramps Roll on Flat Rail
Have more space available which you want to take advantage of? Take a look at our Half Pipe (Mini Ramp) page. Our Garage Mini is a great choice for those who have just the right amount of space to squeeze in a half pipe ramp and is an all-around favorite!
OC Ramps Garage Mini Halfpipe
Looking for a mini ramp with more space and features for your skater? Check out our Half Pipe Ramp - 16' Wide. You are able to customize this ramp to add a second layer of plywood and can even add one OR two corner extensions to the ramp. This creates endless hours of skating and provides them with more opportunity to test out different tricks they have been practicing.
OC Ramps 16ft wide Halfpipe with two extensions
Fingerboarding more of your skater's style? Great! Check out our Fingerboard products. Not sure which one to buy? The hottest seller is the Half Pipe Fingerboard or purchase a few to help them create their own at-home fingerboard skate park.
OC Ramps Fingerboard Halfpipe mini ramp
Also, check out our new Furniture line and get the skater in your life their very own skate ramp-themed furniture product for their bedroom!
OC Ramps Furniture Halfpipe Bed with drawers
Contact us with any questions you may have about placing an order, what skate ramp kit to purchase, or tracking a shipment. Our team is always happy to help!
Happy Holidays from the OC Ramps Crew!