Watts Community Event

Watts, California

Over the summer, a close contact hit us up for the opportunity to contribute to a community event that was being held in Watts, California. The event was the Children's Health Fair and was created by Watts Healthcare to celebrate National Health Center Week.

OC Ramps trailer loaded for community event

On Saturday, August 14 our team loaded up the trailer and hit the road. Our production manager, Randy, and office manager, Heather, hopped in the OC Ramps truck and headed out to Watts at 8 am. They arrived there shortly after, around 9 am, and were assisted by event security on where to go and set up.

OC Ramps Skate Team for comminuty event

As the skaters began to arrive, we all started to hand unload the skate ramps from the trailer. We let the skaters take the reigns when it came to setting the skate obstacles up to their preference. The skaters that came out to the day included Xander, Mike Berdis, Donnie Moran, and Christopher Hiett.

OC Ramps Mini skate park obstacle for Watts Community

The obstacles which we brought along for the event included an 8 ft Quarter Pipe, 12 ft Butter Bench, 12 ft long rail, Gold Rail, Launch WR, Wedge Bump, and our Shoe Box.

We were considered one of the talent features of the event. We did a 15-minute session to showcase the skaters while a live band played in the background. There were several other performances throughout the day and everyone did great.

Aqua Hydrate on location for OC Ramps comminuty event

It was a super hot day given that we were in the middle of summer in the sunny Los Angeles region. Our team, especially the skaters that came out for the event, was trying to beat the heat! Shout out to AQUAhydrate for helping keeping out team hydrated and cool while we enjoyed the Watts Community Event!

local vendors on site for community event

There were many vendors at the event – a catfish and shrimp fry booth, homemade soaps and lotions, clothing, succulents, dental hygiene, complimentary hot dogs, popcorn, lemonade, cotton candy, and fun goody bags for everyone!

Overall it was a great event because hundreds of kids came out, were able to see the skaters perform, and were able to enjoy all of the fun this event had to offer. We love what we do and seeing the joy skating brings to the community!

OC Ramps skate team on Quarter Pipe for community event

Be sure to reach out to us for your next community event!