World Record 100 foot long ledge!


Jordan Hoffart is one of the pro skaters on our team and a very known and well respected skater in the industry. Jordan approached us wanting to do a world record of the longest ledge. He is known for wanting to do world records, he did one for the longest ollie back in 2014 (which is 16 and a half feet long)! The video got over five million views on the ride channel alone. Jordan is starting a new brewery down in Oceanside called Black Plague, and before moving in he had a big empty space. This was the perfect place for us to come set the ledge up!

The idea was to create a 100 foot long ledge that he could front lip slide. We also brought several guys from the team down to see what tricks they could do on the 100 feet! We prepped as much as possible at our warehouse, and then loaded up the trailer and headed down to San Diego. The set up took a full day and it was a tricky one because we needed to keep every section completely straight so it wouldn’t throw off any part of the 100 feet. After it was all set up we headed back with Dave Bachinsky, TJ Rogers, and Ryan Decenzo, and they were able to attempt their best trick on the ledge! Click the link below to watch all the footage from assembly to the actual skating!

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