Wrapping up the Holiday Season

Santa's Workshop, CA
AND THAT'S A WRAP! As we come to the close of a very busy holiday season, we are taking the time to ring in the New Year by reflecting on all of the fun we have had over the past few months! Everything from the production process to getting those new skate ramp kits shipped out to now seeing all of the rad skate sessions that are being put in!
We also were able to kick off this holiday season with a NEW skate ramp! INTRODUCING our Launch Wall Ride (AKA Launch WR). Hit the back of the ramp for that wall ride or get that speed going up the ramp and catch some air.
This little grom is tearing it up on that brand new Quarter Pipe! Most of our quarter pipes (4 ft Quarter Pipes and larger) come with wheels to make for an easy transportation of the ramp! Whether you feel like shredding in the backyard, front yard, the neighbor’s house - you can tilt the ramp over and wheel it to the next destination!
Here we have our smaller quarter pipe, the 3 ft Quarter Pipe being put together as a fun, team effort! All of our skate ramp kits are created so that anyone can go through the installation process with the help of some power tools!
Even though this quarter pipe does not come with the wheels, many skaters opt in for turning the ramp onto its side and rolling it around on their skateboard.
Then we have our Roll-On Rail! Don’t feel like skating at home? Toss that rail in your car and take off to that next skate spot and get to grinding!
Here is a fun 3-in-1 ramp - the GRL Combo out in Tucson, AZ! The variety of tricks that you can get done on this along with the endless hours of good times to be had says it all!
This little ripper is enjoying his new Bump to Butter ramp with the flat section added on up in Northern Califronia! This ramp is part of our Signature Series and has the butter material which creates that perfect slide.
A pair of rad skaters from Florida are enjoying their new 3 x 8 Half Pipe from this holiday season!
Everything from our smaller to our larger ramp kits such as this one are created in a way where anyone of any age and any experience level can hop on a skateboard and get to shredding.
Another fun half pipe set up out in Georgia! We sell Gator Skins in either green or brown to not only add to the weatherproofing of your half pipe BUT to also add in a fun customization of color.
How could we forget about THIS in-progress photo with a view like that!? We see a lot of sweet skate sessions going down on that 8 ft Wide Half Pipe out in Virginia Beach.
As always, shout out to all of our rad customers who we get to ship these ramp kits out to ALL OVER! It is always fun to see how our ramps start at the warehouse in Santa Ana, California and end up all throughout the United States AND internationally!
Contact us directly with any questions! We can't wait to hear from you. Now grab that skateboard