Limited Series of Brady Smith Artwork on OC Ramps 3ft Quarter Pipe

In the fall of 2021, our installation team assembled a 16 foot wide mini half pipe in Los Angeles for our client (and now great friend), Brady Smith. 

Brady and his wonderful wife, Tiffani, are the parents of two young and avid skateboarders.  Brady is a man of many talents, not only a great skateboarder, he's also a very creative artist and author of many children’s books.  You may know & definitely remember Tiffani as Kelly Kapowski on the 80s and 90s TV show, “Saved by the Bell.”  Tiffani is an active actress on many other TV shows as well as an incredible chef! 

Tiffani Thiesen and Brady Smith Family

As we were building the family backyard skate park, Brady came out with a paintbrush and decided to paint some really cool and funky designs on the side of his half pipe. 



The build crew at OC Ramps crew were immediately impressed as well as some great engagement on social media.  

Brady Smith art on OC Ramps 16ft wide halfpipe

Based on your feedback, we're now offering a limited run of Brady‘s designs on several 3 foot wide quarter pipes!  Each ramp is painted with a slightly different design - no radius is the same.  They all have the same coloring, crisp and classic vibes all while being entirely original. 

Now is your chance to get a custom painted quarter pipe!   

Watch the full video from our YouTube channel and see our process from meeting Brady, to the production + design and artistic approach to creating this limited run.  Click HERE to get your ramp today!