Furniture Launch!

New Product Category - Furniture Launch!
OC Ramp Headquarters
OC Ramps Furniture Launch
For many years, we have been interested in creating some furniture products because of our carpentry skills and passions. Since we are a skateboard brand, we did not want to do your standard, boring fashion furniture. We wanted it to be skateboard and ramp-related.
OC Ramps Furniture Halfpipe Bed with drawers
The idea was to first start off with different variations of ramp-shaped beds. That is when we came up with the half pipe bed. This was an automatic decision for our team, but we wanted to be able to offer a variety which is when we came up with the idea of doing a quarter pipe bed.
OC Ramps halfpipe bed with open drawers
The half pipe bed, being a little larger in size, allowed us to get creative and add different features. Due to the size of this bed, we decided to create some storage options which can be selected as add-ons when purchasing this ramp. It will also come equipped with some storage space to make it as useful and practical as possible!
OC Ramps Quarter Pipe bed
When we showed this idea to the skateboarders on our team, they all fell in love and wanted one for their own house. Several asked if we could make these beds into a queen or king-size version (the beds are only available in a twin).
Side view of Quarter Pipe bed by OC Ramps
Once we got their feedback and saw that everyone was elated with the designs, we then wanted to make sure that we protected our intellectual property. For the first time, as a company, we filed for multiple U.S. patents and we are excited to share not only the release of these products, but also that they both have a patent pending.
OC Ramps Furniture Book Shelf
We also felt that it would be a small category, with only two products, so we wanted to add a couple more that would really compliment our new skate-themed furniture.
Side view of Bookshelf by OC Ramps
We needed a bookshelf for one of our offices so we figured it would be best to take that same concept of a mini ramp, change some minor designs, and turn it into a bookshelf. We have had the original bookshelf model in our office for quite some time now and it does not go unnoticed!
OC Ramps Halfpipe Chair throne
In addition, we thought it would also be nice to have a cool and unique thrown of a chair in our break room. We tested out a couple of different designs after mocking them up in our AutoCAD program. After multiple tests, we were able to come up with the current version that we have.
Comfy seat on halfpipe throne by OC Ramps
The seated portion of the chair was inspired by adirondack chairs. This is because these chairs cause you to sink back and low into the chair for ultimate comfort. When we created it and had our team test it out, it was by far the most comfortable of all the models we made. We also loved the design as it was taken from that mini ramp shape, as well.
Back view of shelves on Halfpipe bed by OC Ramps
All of our furniture is designed and built by the OC Ramps crew. This was an in-house project that began and flourished within our own team. Everything, from start to finish, has been executed by our crew. This has shown our team's various capabilities and self-sufficiency.
Open back view of Quarter Pipe bed by OC Ramps
As we built these prototypes over the years in our warehouse, we tried to keep this project on the down low but every skater that came through loved every feature that we had to offer. It was then that we knew that we were on to some good designs and idea work.
Front view of OC Ramps Furniture Chair
All of the materials that we use are the high-end plywood that we use for all our skateboard ramp kits. We aim to seek the highest level quality plywoods in the world.The birch is imported from Europe and some of the other plywood comes from South America.
Close detail of drawers for OC Ramps furniture line
Lastly, we know that we are good at pre-fabricating all of our ramps into a kit form. It was important for us to be able to scale these furniture products down so that the average consumer could use basic tools and set up these furniture kits without having any carpentry or contractor experience.
CLose view of detail of Furniture Beds by OC Ramps
Now go check out our new furniture line! We know you will love it as much as we do. As always, please contact us with any questions you have. We are always happy to help!