OC RAMPS to sell Skate Ramps at Costco

You read it right. OC RAMPS will be selling our mini ramp halfpipes and quarterpipes into Costco stores. We'll be starting with some special events and bouncing around store to store. We'll begin the adventure in our hometown, Orange County, California. Then we'll move out to Los Angeles and nationwide. This week we'll be selling at the Tustin Marketplace Costco. Stop by to check out our booth. We have incredible pricing that no one else can offer. You can save up to 30% on most mini ramps. We'll have a few skate ramps on display too- a mini quarter pipe and grind box. OC RAMPS is the Nation's leader for wooden ramp manufacturing. There is a reason we've been in business for 14 years. Come by Costco and check out what makes us so special. Purchase your skateboard ramp this week!

Costco Skateboard Ramps - OC Ramps