Cartoon Network Commercial with OC RAMPS

This weekend we had the great opportunity to hang out on the set of Cartoon Network in creating a commercial with our OC RAMPS skateboard ramp.  A production company called us days earlier in need of a quarterpipe to rent.  We hooked them up with the 8 foot wide quarterpipe.  The set was located in West Hollywood.  The ramp was delivered already built-  and was then was painted by the CN staff in their colors--red and black.  Bas Rutten (ex UFC Fighter) was the main actor on the set.  They were filming a commercial promoting exercise and kids getting of their lazy butts to go play soccer, basketball and/or skateboard.  The production company asked OC RAMPS to bring their best skaters.  We brought a few local guys from Orange County.  The main skater (shown right) is from San Clemente and shreds at ramp skating.  We arrived, skated, ate some food and went home!  Workin' hard!