Dave Bachinsky- The Formula

dave bachinsky- the pikey formula

Dave Bachinsky is arguably the world's best mini ramp skater.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Dave as part of our pro skate team.  Dave approached us with the idea of creating a whole video part based on him doing 26 tricks that have never been done before on our halfpipes.  Thats right, he wants to do tricks that have never been performed, filmed or seen in a contest by any other skateboarder in the world.  The video is being filmed right now and will be released late this summer of 2013.  Our video premier will be by invite only.  Keep posted and we'll let you know more details about the Bachinksy project now called, the Formula.

Dave wanted a place to skate 24/7.  We decided to give Dave his own warehouse and halfpipe.  With his own key, he can come skate and film any day, any night.  We called the team in and had everyone pitch a hand in building the ramp.  With our whole crew, we were able to build the skateboard ramp kit in literally under 4.5 hrs.  Where else can you get a 16' wide mini ramp built in that quick of time!?!

Below is the build crew.  We had our whole skate team along with a few filmers and photographers lending a hand to assemble the 5' tall mini ramp

Once the ramp was built, everyone wanted to skate it...at once.  Standing on the deck we have Nick Palmquist.  Beginning with the skater on the left we have Dave Bachinsky, Steven Reeves, Josh Hawkins, Cody and Brent. 

Owner of OC Ramps, Tyler Large, takes a few runs on the halfpipe

tyler large- the pikey formula

Dave Bachinsky filming with a few yellow lights and world renowned filmer, Jeffrey Moustache. 

bachinksy- the Pikey Formula