Day in the Life with Dalton Dern featuring Dave Bachinsky

Dive into the ultimate skate adventure with a Day in the Life alongside Dalton Dern and the legendary Dave Bachinsky. 

Filmer Salsa captures the essence as they roll into Dalton's San Diego abode, where eclectic vibes lead to some shenanigans in his garage before they unleash their skills on the backyard's mini ramp

Dalton Dern on OC Ramps wedge bump on washer machine

Kudos to OC Ramps for the slick addition of a skate rail atop the halfpipe, sparking a barrage of tricks that'll leave your jaw hanging in awe.

OC Ramps skate rail on halfpipe with pro skaters

The day doesn't end without a pit stop at a picturesque ditch, featuring OC Ramps' custom Butter Bench and launch ramp. 

Custom OC Ramps launch ramp with Dalton Dern

Finally, the journey wraps with a visit to Jordan Hoffart's latest passion, Black Plague Brewery, complete with tastings and an exclusive tour. 

OC Ramps Skate Team touring Black Plague Brewery with Jordan Hoffart

Prepare to be blown away as you witness Jordan Hoffart's jaw-dropping lipslide down a monumental 100-foot ledge by OC Ramps.

With the crew in full throttle, this day is only a teaser of what's to come. Stay tuned for the next episode of unadulterated skate mayhem!

OC Ramps Skate Team at Black Plague Brewery