Day in the Life with Dave Bachinsky featuring the Dern Brothers

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of Pro Skaters - Get a Sneak Peek into Their Epic Adventures with OC Ramps Skate Obstacles!

Cruisin O-Town aka Oceanside with some OCR products, Dave shreds a local skate park bowl & spices it up with his custom Butter Bench. The portability factor is key, as you can see how easily Dave transports the obstacle with his skateboard. Work smarter, not harder!

Dave Bachinsky wheeling his butter bench

Next up on the agenda is an abandoned bridge to catch some footage on the drone. Seriously Dave is a champion, gets the clips within minutes of being on site!!!

Dave Bachinsky on OC Ramps Butter Bench

Linking up with the Dern brothers to hit some new levels of their talents - literally!!! You can tell the guys are debating the best method to tackle this trick recreation of a water gap.

Dave Bachinsky with the Dern brothers

When all else fails, the shoe string from too many kickflips holding the ladder just let the filmer Salsa get in the water & carry you to location!! Makes sense right?!!! 

OC Ramps filmer & Dern brothers

After only three tries the trick is landed & onto another spot to shred the custom launch wall ride we built at the shop. The guys found the perfect rail to bump the launch up against & grind. Few close calls to the water!!

OC Ramps launch ramp with Dalton Dern

Overview of skate spot with OC Ramps + Dern Brothers

Upon exiting the hidden location, if you don’t limbo under the chain link fence - are you even skating bro?!

hidden skate locations with oc ramps

Another location is a building with a perfect white exterior and trees from climbing into new heights! The custom made launch ramp is topped with Gatorskins to give an extra boost of smoothness which pairs perfectly to any surface like an office building or curb next to a tree. 

OC Ramps launch ramp from the trees with Dalton Dern

The last location of the day, the sunny & beautiful beach with fresh ocean air, with stairs & rails! Skaters paradise with a perfect ending for a fun day of content, including a crowd to cheer the guys on! Until the next episode of Day in the Life, get out there & skate!!

OC Ramps at the beach with Dern brothers