Dew Tour - Greg Lutzka and Dave Bachinksy

Lake Forest, California

Greg Lutzka and Dave Bachinsky, two skaters from our pro team, were given a SURPRISE delivery as part of Dew Tour’s Unboxed series.

Unboxed was created by the partnership between Dew Tour and TikTok. With the given circumstances revolving around the current pandemic, Dew Tour and TikTok have been gifting surprise ramp  deliveries to various pro skaters so that they can continue to showcase their talent and creativity.

Tik Tok Surprise delivery of OC Ramps products

Another RAD thing about this Unboxed episode was that Dew Tour reached out to our crew over at OC Ramps to see if we could help with supplying the ramps. Of course, we could not pass the opportunity up!

OC Ramps & Tik Tik delivery to Greg Lutzka

The ramps supplied included one of our most popular rails - the Roll-On Flat Rail which can be seen being loaded off of the truck below.

OC Ramps & Tik Tok delivery for Dave Bachinsky

Another bonus to this episode from Dew Tour is that TWO more skaters from our team, Ryan Decenzo and Mike Berdis, were able to join in and get to shredding on the various skate obstacles.

Tik Tok & OC Ramps products with Mike Berdis

Aside from our Roll-On Flat Rail, we also threw in our 6 ft Green Monster Rail along with our Glow in Dark Round Rail. Best thing about this rail is that you can get it as either a 6 ft rail or an 8 ft rail.

Professional Skateboarders team up with OC Ramps & Tik Tok
Dave Bachinsky grinding OC Ramps Skate Rail

Greg Lutzka and Dave Bachinsky got to catch some air on this obstacle they set up which features our Wedge Bump Ramp.

Greg Lutzka skating OC Ramps Skate Rail for Tik Tok
Dave Bachinsky on OC Ramps wedge bump ramp

One massive perk that comes with many of our ramps? They are portable! Pick them up, toss them in the back of your car or truck, and get moving to the next skate spot.

Dew Tour Greg Lutzka skating OC Ramps Skate Rail with Tik Tok

Our Grind Box collection is among the ramps that we have created for easy transportation whether you want to shred at home, at a park, or down in the ravine. These guys took full advantage of the ramp portability. 

Pro skaters on OC Ramps grind box for Tik Tok