Dunkin Donuts Commercial

5A couple weeks back one of the skaters on the OC Ramps team, TomTom, auditioned for a commercial with Dunkin Donuts. After he landed the part, Tom found out that the crew at Dunkin wanted to use a halfpipe for the commercial shoot. He put the production team in touch with the crew here at OC Ramps and we were able to build a custom ramp for the shoot! The ramp was 8’ wide and elevated on a platform that Dunkin Donuts already had built. We customized the halfpipe further by adding two extensions on either side. 3Last Monday, our build crew headed to downtown LA to set up the ramp for the shoot. The location was super rad, it was in a random parking lot surrounded by tons of graffiti. We started the build at 8 and finished by 10 am. Dunkin Donuts started filming right away! We stuck around to watch the shoot. They brought out a green screen for Tom, and did a dozen or so takes with tons of different camera angles. 2The commercial wrapped around 12:30 and our crew removed the ramp in about an hour, and we called it a day. We were hyped to participate in such a cool commercial, the only bummer of the day was that there were no donuts to eat on set!!   4   1