Home Park with Caleb Aldoras

We’re hitting the neighborhoods of South Orange County looking to set up an OC Ramps home skate park at Caleb Aldorasi pad.

 With just a few obstacles you can create a rad set up within minutes! In this episode Caleb pulls out his Wedge Bump Ramp and trusty ol’ trash can. With the wedge bump you're able to launch a few feet into the air & the possibilities are endless on your trick selection. Shred it a few times to land that trick. Spice it up by adding the butter bench and grind on the smooth butter material.

OC Ramps Home Skate Park with Caleb Aldorasi

The Glow in the Dark skate rail is a multi purpose obstacle, portable to pump some iron by working those muscles until you find the perfect location to wax & skate. Combine all these obstacles together & you’ve your own home park session.

Portable Skate rail - oc ramps

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