Home Park with Mark Appleyard

OC Ramps Media wizard, Andrew aka “Salsa” has been busy with creating a new and innovative series for YouTube called “Home Park”.

The “Home Park” episodes will showcase how easy it is to create YOUR VERY OWN skatepark at home with just a few of OC Ramps skate obstacles. To spice up the series we’ll be having a variety of mystery guest skaters including yet not limited to our Skate Team riders, friends, customers or who knows even a lucky random shredder!

In this episode with Mark we head out to his house in gorgeous Orange County. The squad brought a few skate obstacles in the truck to get the shenanigans rollin. All the items were easy enough to carry & small enough to fit perfectly in the truck bed such as Greg Lutzka Curb Kicker, Mark's signature series obstacle - Triangle Apple Rail, Spine Quarterpipe, Greg Lutzka Brick Box & of course the OG 3 ft wide Quarter Pipe. Watch Mark set up his home skatepark course and shred it with team member Christian Sereika.

Home Park by OC Ramps

Take a quick breather to chop it up with Mark, pick his brain for his interests & views. As Mark says “You don’t have to leave your house with your own setup.” Easy to arrange within minutes and light enough to move around for that perfect skatepark vibe, within the privacy of your own home. Another perk of OC Ramps products.

Home Park with Mark Appleyard by OC Ramps
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