Mondays with Massie - How To Tutorials

Super hyped to share the latest news - we’ve started a new series exclusively seen on OC Ramps YouTube channel called Mondays with Massie “How To” tutorials.

OC Ramps YouTube How To episodes

The tutorial videos will be hosted by Chris Massie from OC Ramps Skate Team as he’s a technical wizard with his skateboard. Wanting to teach our followers some of the basic elementary tricks to the sophisticated foot magic on our 3ft, 3.5ft & 4ft tall mini ramps. The videos will be short, sweet, and full of information. Right to the point, just how we like it!! Chris will be discussing the trick & the technicality behind the maneuver then execute at the OC Ramps HQ - private skate park on our mini ramp utopia.

OC Ramps private Skate Park 

Below are a few of the latest videos. Head over to our YouTube channel - OC Ramps. Be sure to like everything & subscribe!! Schedule your calendars & see ya on Mondays for the next episode!