OC Ramps Rooftop sesh with Moto Rider Lynx

Halfpipe-utopia (OC Ramps backyard)

We’re always looking for rad shredders to create some epic content with. Creative minds & good connections introduced us to our new lil homie Lynx, he’s a pure ripper to the Motocross world with a passion for adrenaline!

Crossing worlds of many wheels with that beautiful sound of a 2 stroke engine and rooftop shenanigans, say no more!! Brraaaap!

motocross kid at oc ramps halfpipe skatepark

Enjoying an afternoon of Moto fun on our OC Ramps Headquarters skate park, Lynx was rippin’ it up with our halfpipes and any obstacles that he could grind and create magic. His favorite rail was our 24k Gold Rail

From bouncing off our Quarter Pipes & into our Halfpipeutopia Lynx definitely caught some massive air and was seeking some next level action. What better way than bustin’ out the forklift. Our filmer Dr. Salsa jumped into the captain's chair, tossed a pallet onto the fork for a sturdy platform & raised Lynx up to the rooftop of our headquarters!! Check out the insane and outrageous video of the sesh.