Reverie - The Berrics, OC Ramps and Daewon Song

Reverie is the latest video made by Chase Gabor (the Berrics) using the RED camera for a skate video competition ending this July. Red cameras is offering a contest inviting 12 of the best skate videographers to get as creative as they want to make a short skate film with the hopes of winning their own Red Camera ($30-50k value). Chase approached us in February about an idea he had for his short film. He wanted to include the world renowned mini ramp skater, Daewon Song. His video would entail a mini ramp with Daewon starting off in a nightmare and the ramp is falling apart and blowing out. The ramp, he said, was not going to be returned in good order! Chase mentioned the halfpipe would end up being destroyed on set. The video is absolutely stunning, creative and unlike any other. Chase's clip includes Daewon skating with paint, dominoes, a rail on fire and more. There are few to come up with such a unique piece, that is original and respected by skaters. Take a look below for the link to view "Reverie." 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The 8' wide mini ramp was used for this video. To see more info on product details and pricing, click here.