Shred Sessions with OC Ramps Skate Team

At the heart of the action-packed OC Ramps shop, the energy is always electric as riders from near and far converge to shred and soak up the skatepark vibes.

Over the past few months, we've been stoked to host some incredible talent, turning our private park into a canvas for epic sessions.

During a sunny California visit, the Oregon powerhouse Brad McClain dropped by to conquer the various heights of our halfpipe skatepark. Needless to say, he loved every minute of the ride!

Celebrating a fresh product release, the man himself, Greg Lutzka, rolled in for a PR shoot and, of course, to put his brand-new 3-in-1 Quarter Pipe through its paces.

Adding to the legend status, Dave Bachinsky is a regular face around OC Ramps, continually pushing the envelope with new tricks on our mini ramps and honing his already impressive skills.

Hailing from Texas, Cody McEntire brought his southern flair to our ramps. Can you name the mind-blowing trick he landed? 

As fate would have it, Cody McEntire was in town just in time for Official Military Skate's Veterans Day event, uniting veterans from across the country at our shop! It turned into another epic day filled with skateboarding, positivity, and the spirit of unity.

Veterans Day at OC Ramps Headquarters

The OC Ramps family is beyond thrilled to welcome visitors from every corner of the globe, and we're eagerly anticipating the next wave of shredders to roll through!