Shredding Streets and Dreams: A Day in the Life with Mike Berdis

Dive into the gritty streets and skateboarding dreams with none other than the one and only Mike Berdis.

It's a Day in the Life adventure you won't want to miss as we're bringing the OC Ramps heat to the asphalt jungle, and the stoke level is off the charts!

🔥 Double Trouble, Double Thrills: When Salsa and Mike Berdis hit the streets, you know it's about to get wild. With OC Ramps in tow, the possibilities are endless. But wait, it's not just one product; it's double trouble!

The Curb Kicker steps into the spotlight, proving that when it comes to tackling a park stairset, it's the ultimate MVP.

Mike Berdis using OC Ramps Curb Kicker on stairset
Our adventure takes an unexpected twist as we stumble upon a hidden gem – a Signal Hill abandoned lot adorned with a killer OC Ramps product line up of the 24k gold rail, a wedge, and a butter bench.
And who better to make this urban playground come alive than the one and only Mike Berdis? This professional shredder leaves no obstacle untouched, nailing tricks that redefine what's possible in the world of skateboarding.

Catch us on the flip side, because with OC Ramps, every day is a skateboarding adventure waiting to happen! 🛹🌟