Skate Game of Kisses

With all the love in the air for Valentines Day, it’s only right to make a game of collecting kisses on our 16 ft wide halfpipe.

Chris Massie rolls through the shop for a sweet game of kisses with his girlfriend. All Chris has to do is shred the mini ramp skate park -

1.) Skateboard a Halfpipe  2.) Have fun  3.) Get rewarded with smooches

Kickflip, get a kiss. Fall on your butt, get a kiss. Land a trick, get a kiss. Slide the board over the fence, get a kiss. See where we’re going with this? Or you can be like Rudy, have your girlfriend prop herself on a Grind Box and launch over her using a Wedge bump. Either way works because your creating memories together!

Go out & skate - have fun with your significant other!