Skateable Guitar with Lars from Rancid

A few years back we we’re working with the marketing manager of ESP Guitars, which we built a full size Guitar for Gnarly Town with Chris Cole.  Check out the blog with all the details behind the scenes here

Recently we asked ESP if they wanted to do an event with this huge skateable guitar & unfortunately the budget was limited. Traveling with this guitar would be tricky - so the next option was if they wanted to film at our shop. Super down! The manager wanted to bring a punk rock or metal band to come in and boy did they choose the perfect fit.  The lead singer of Rancid, Lars Frederiksen.  We were beyond  hyped as we grew up listening to punk rock and of course, Rancid.  Lars flew into town for the day, and arrived at OC Ramps warehouse minutes after his flight landed. We all chopped it up with Lars while the production team was setting up, reminiscing about skateboarding back in the day to how evolved & popular it is now.  Just like a professional that Lars is, once he got the green light to record he shot a music video within a few hours as a few of our skate team riders shredded that Guitar & halfpipe park! Literally the best day ever!