If you hadn't already heard, Ralph the Rex (instagram: @ralph_the_rex) is a huge fan of skateboarding! One could say he is quite the Skateasaurus-rex. His people recently reached out to us and we set up a time for Ralph to get the full OC Ramps experience. Check out the above video to see the edit of how the day went down. First Ralph had to hitch a ride from boss-man, Tyler Large, he clocked in, put in work and then it was time to skate! We will keep it our little secret that on this day team rider Nick Palmquist was the man behind the t-rex costume. We set up some quarterpipes, obstacles, and rails and Nick had to be extremely careful while skating in the t-rex costume. He could barely see anything, and it was super bulky, but he was still able to handle it. We had a great time with Ralph the rex and we hope he comes back soon. Work and play made this T-rex's day!