Skateboarding Through the Lens: A Day in the Life Vlog Series

Rolling with style by exploring the thrills & techniques of skateboarding with OC Ramps products.

Each episode features different team members highlighting their individual style and approach to skateboarding on OC Ramps products. Whether you're a seasoned skater or just starting out, there's something for everyone in this action-packed series to ignite your passion for the sport and have some serious fun. Grab your board and let's hit the ramps!

In our first episode we begin with skate team rider Chris Massie unboxing a signature series obstacle, the Greg Lutzka Curb Kicker. Chris is excited to try out the new gear and waste no time as there is ZERO assembly needed for this kicker. Once Chris finds the spot, tosses the Curb Kicker and can start practicing his tricks. Possibilities are endless with flips, grinds, and spins as everyone is always wanting to push themselves to do more challenging moves. The crew meets up with other skaters and BMX riders to head to new locations. They each explore different areas of the city, finding new spots to practice and practice their skills with each skate ramp. From concrete to dirt gravel trails these skate ramps are proving themselves in the highest durability factor.

In this second episode Karly hits the beach with the 3ft wide Quarter Pipe to enjoy a scenic & tranquil setting while she has some fun on her portable ramp in literally the perfect spot. Then from the expert himself, Christian gives you 5 reasons why to purchase the Cody McEntire American Bench. Pretty convincing with some valid points, touche Christian! The Dern Brothers stop by for a daring skate session with impressive stunts including dropping in from the forklift to jumping from high stacks of lumber - these guys are untamed, and we love it!!

3ft wide quarterpipe by oc ramps

With this new series we hope to generate some excitement and a longing to join in on the wild skating adventures with OC Ramps!! Until next time readers, keep shreddin’!