Two Wheels, no problem - BMX Session

The homie Cody McKenna, BMX freestyle rider stopped by OC Ramps HQ with his bike looking to shred.

Skateboard obstacles and ramps are versatile for pretty much anything with wheels, including bicycle motocross aka BMX. It’s pretty much another hardcore variation of adrenaline looking to go to the next level. Sick!! As soon as Cody walked through the shop doors, we noticed his big smile but he had a little limp with his walk. Ends up, he rolled his ankle previously the day before but didn’t want to miss out on a fun session with Salsa! We admire his dedication to the passion & he passed the health test to proceed with shredding safely!!

Cody McKenna BMX rider at OC Ramps

From the rooftop of the warehouse to the 5 ft tall halfpipe & the neighbors building wall, Cody put his unique twist of gnarly to it!! As seen Cody getting some good air from the 8ft wide Quarter Pipe to land those wild Wall Rides & more! Stay tuned for more content!