“Thank you OC RAMPS for helping us believe that Jonahs’ Skate Spot Wish was possible! After 7 months of planning and almost 3 months of construction you delivered the perfect wish, involving Jonah in the design and the construction! Your quality workmanship, your commitment to the project and your financial contribution made this wish possible! Thanks so much! “


Shanna W. (the Make A Wish Foundation)



“I had a great experience working with OC Ramps. We needed to build an X-games style street park for an episode of the TV show Castle. As usual we had a very short prep time and minimal info about what would be required for the stunts. Tyler helped me figure what would work best for us, the price was unbeatable and he and his crew were quick to set up on our prep day and quick to take down on our wrap day. Production was very happy with the set and we got a lot of great footage. I highly recommend using OC Ramps for all your skate & BMX ramp needs.”


Robert J. (ABC Art Director)


“We were thankful for the amazing experience OC RAMPS gave our son and the opportunity to witness great skating! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the work you did for Our family! Providing our son a safe environment where he can excel and fulfill his little 5 year old dreams is all we could ever ask for! So the thanks goes to you and your crew!
Looking forward to seeing you again. OC RAMPS and all affiliated, are always welcome at our home! You are part of our family now too!”


Kristin & Brian P. (CA)


“We love OC RAMPS! My son enjoys every minute of his new halfpipe. He built the ramp with his father in a few hours – they had a blast. He’s been practicing new tricks since! Thanks again.”


Susy R. (NJ)


“We received our ramp just in time for my son’s birthday. Easy instructions, simple kit, great ramps. We’re really impressed with the quality and durability…and its portable!”


Trent M. (TX)


“I received the grind box today and my son was thrilled. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service! I will definitely tell all the other “skateboard moms” about your products. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the follow up and the desire to satisfy the customer.”


Robin L. (IL)
Six Foot Long Grind Box


“Just a quick note to say how much my boys, 11 & 14, are enjoying their new quarterpipe and grind box. They built the quarterpipe in a few hours,and they were so proud to have done this themselves. They have been outside everyday since in our freezing Philadelphia weather enjoying both products. You were very helpful in responding to several of my e–mail questions. The boys’ friends have been asking about OC Ramps, and we’ve put in a good word for your company! Thanks for a great looking product (we like your red logo) and good customer service.”


Joy W. (PA)
Eight Foot Wide Quarter Pipe and Grind Box


“SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!! Ordered Wednesday received it Friday. I Recommend getting your stuff at ocRAMPS.com. You guys are the best.”


Jason S. (CA)
Eight Foot Long Grind Box


“We LOVE OC RAMPS! I’d love to do any advertising with them – with help from my skateboarding son. They make AWESOME ramps! Super easy to build—amazing service!”


Leo Laporte ‘The Tech Guy’ from KFI Radio Station (CA)
Half Pipe and Gallon of Skatepaint


“Great ramps! Great service! Great shipping! I have recommended you to other churches!”


Scott Q. (GA)
Two Six Foot Wide Quarterpipes


“The ramp is very well done. Its a lot more durable than I expected. My son is so excited! Thank you.”


Mary I. (NY)


“We received and assembled the half pipe in the last few days. What a fantastic product. We love it. Thanks.”


Ronald B. (CA)
Halfpipe and Gallon of Skatepaint


“I wanted to let you know that my son loves the half pipe we ordered from you. It was everything you said, and was VERY easy to put together.”


Angela H. (OH)