What tools are needed to build our kits?

All of our kits include materials to assemble, screw hardware & instruction booklet. From our smaller ramps, rails & mini ramps you’ll only need less than a handful of tools to assemble your OC Ramps products.

Depending on the item ordered will determine which tool(s) are required. Possibly a few friends & a couple cold beverages will help ease the process. Got to stay hydrated, right?!

The skate rails come with bolts/screw hardware. 

The most common tool needed is a Power Drill. Our team of installers prefer a Impact Power Drill which handles the screw hardware with simplicity.

For our mini ramps (aka halfpipes), other  items needed are a tape measure and skill (circular) saw - you’ll always want to measure twice & cut once!  The saw is only used to trim the very last piece of plywood (so it fits 100% perfect into place).

Everything else in our kits is pre-cut already.  

Impact Power
DrillTape Measure

Although the majority of our customers can build these ramps with their kids, If you are not comfortable with basic power tools then please do not attempt to install these products yourself

You may not need to hire a high level contractor, but perhaps you can get a neighbor to help assist or local handyman.  Put it this way, if you can build a basic Ikea furniture kit (with a drill) then you’ll be fine with our skate ramp kits.