Custom 20 Foot Wide Mini Ramp Install

Last week, the OC Ramps crew headed up to a little city next to Simi Valley, Moorpark, to build a sweet custom mini ramp. The dimensions came out to be 20 feet wide, 3 feet tall for 12 feet of the ramp, and 5 feet tall for 8 feet of the ramp. It was also 23 feet long back to back and fit perfectly in the warehouse we were building in. The customer we built for originally wanted the ramp in his back yard, but because of lack of space, he actually rented a warehouse just for the halfpipe to go into. Dave Bachinsky, Tom Tom, and and the rest of the crew assembled the ramp in a few hours, and as we built, all the neighboring warehouses stopped by to check it out. They were super stoked to see the ramp going in! As soon as we were done building it, we all got to test the ramp and Jeff Moustache came in to take a bunch of photos. Tyler, the owner of OC Ramps, skated the ramp too, and is sold on these dimensions. It's his new favorite ramp to skate!