Custom Backyard Skatepark For Kelvin Hoefler

4 3 2 1 This past weekend OC Ramps had the opportunity to build a Custom Backyard Skatepark For Kelvin Hoefler. The crew here at OC Ramps has known pro-skater, Kelvin Hoefler for a few years now through the industry and because he is friends with the majority of the guys on our skate team. He contacted us a few months ago to let us know that he was going to be buying a house in LA and he wanted to get some obstacles for his backyard. Around November of 2015 he had concrete poured in his new yard to make everything level for his skatepark. It was at that time that he contacted us again to have us start giving him a quote to build some ramps and rails on the new surface. Kelvin wanted to get it done before Christmas, but the timing was a little too short to finish everything that he had requested. Before the holidays we were able to build the 30 foot wide quarterpipe, but once that one obstacle was finished he had to head back home to Brazil. When he arrived back in the states after the new year, we finalized all the measurements and dimensions for the rest of the park. Kelvin really wanted a long platform, over 30 feet in length, that would lead to two hubbas with a round rail in the middle. He told us he wanted a similar hubba and rail set up to that of the Lincoln skatepark in LA. In addition to the platform, we also built another smaller quarterpipe, 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide, and in between these large obstacles he had us build a 12 foot Hoffart butter bench and a 12 foot TJ Rogers picnic bench. As well as a Cody Macentire Lonestar Bar, and a few other smaller and easily portable obstacles. The crew at OC Ramps spent about a week in the warehouse building platform and hubbas so we could have everything pre-cut and pre-drilled before we took it up to Kelvin's house. The setup took up half of the warehouse space, but it made things a lot easier and smoother when it came to the actual installation. Kelvin also wanted skatelite to put on the surfaces of everything in the park, so the warehouse crew had to drill and countersink all of them prior to the installation day. rsz_oc-ramps-build-8397 rsz_oc-ramps-build-8600 We installed the park on Saturday, January 23rd. We had a full crew of helpers including Tom Tom, Dave Bachinsky, Christian Sereika and more. Kelvin even came out and helped out with the build. The morning of the build we loaded up our trailer with almost 10 thousand pounds of lumber and left Santa Ana to head up to LA. Once we unloaded and started assembling everything went very smoothly due to our pre-planning at the warehouse. All of the team was split into groups so everyone had specific parts of the park that they would be focusing on. We finished up the build just before sunset, and our photographer, Jeff Moustache, came by with his drone and cameras to capture the sick new park. Everyone was itching to skate, so they all skated the park and tested all the new obstacles out, and they rode until nightfall around 6pm. Kelvin and the whole OC Ramps crew is stoked on the outcome of this backyard skatepark set up. We loved having this opportunity to build for such a rad skater! Be sure to also check out our:
rsz_oc-ramps-skate-8823 rsz_oc-ramps-build-8620 rsz_oc-ramps-build-8594