Marriott Resort of Denver Colorado Spine Halfpipe Demo

We received a call (that was a referral over to us) for a skateboard ramp demo that needed to be held in Denver, Colorado.

Fortunately, OC RAMPS has the reputation of being a one stop shop for anything skateboarding— i.e. setting up the skate ramp, bringing the talented professional skateboarders, removing the ramp and clearing out. Along with excellent customer service.

OC Ramps takeover Denver Colorado Marriotts

Marriot wanted us to build a ramp for Shaun White who going to be a guest at the event (of the Gaylord Rockies).  The event was for the nation’s Marriott owners, CEOs and Executives. They trusted us to build an appropriate ramp that would be fun for our professional skateboarders as well as Shaun White.

Last year, we were able to build a ramp at Shaun’s private residence, so we pitched the idea of building the same ramp; a 4 foot tall spine ramp 16 feet wide by 50 feet long. The other option was to do a small vert ramp (something around 7, 8 or 9 feet tall), the only issue with that was dealing with the height restrictions of the hotel.  We played with the idea of building the ramp outside versus indoors and ultimately the client decided to go with a spine ramp & indoor option.

Marriott Hotels Rental of OC Ramps Spine Halfpipe

Leading up to the event we prefabricated all the ramp pieces at our warehouse in Orange County, California. We then stacked everything on multiple pallets and shipped everything over to Denver - directly to the hotel just a day before we were to fly in and assemble the ramp.

OC Ramps assembling Spine Halfpipe for Shaun White Marriott event

We coordinated the professional skateboarders that would allow their schedule to come out and help assemble the ramp, skate it, remove it and fly home. There were quite a few logistics that we needed to iron out from our end!  Our professional team consisted of Tyler (the owner), Tom Ryen, Christian Sereika, Jon Henderson and the Almighty Cody McEntire.

OC Ramps Skate Team

Tom, Tyler and Jon all flew in from Orange County while Cody and Christian flew in from Texas. We all met at the Marriott Gaylord Rockies resort at the same time.  The Gaylord Rockies is a beautiful, enormous resort and convention center just beside the Denver airport. As soon as we arrived we grabbed our tools and started assembling the spine mini.  We calculated about 6-7 hours to complete the whole ramp. Since everyone hustled so great we were able to complete the ramp in 5 hours! The second we put in the last screw, as he would imagine, our skate team grabbed their boards and tested the ramp immediately.  Our client was able to come out and witness the “testing” and gave the thumbs up of approval.  

installed spine halfpipe at marriott gaylord rockies resort

Shaun White’s schedule didn’t allow him to be at the Marriott event - so apart from our four skateboarders, Marriott also decided to book a few others like Lizzy Armanto and more.  The ramp was branded specifically with the event logo & themed colors.

OC Ramps custom Spine Halfpipe branded for Marriott Bonvoy Rewards

After assembling and branding the ramp, the next day was the day of the demo with all the professional skateboarders. The skateboard demo took place that evening for just over an hour.  We did several 20 minute demonstrations during that period. There were about 1200 attendees that were participating in dinner, music, drinks and of course, amazing skateboarding.  

OC Ramps Skate Team at Marriott Bonvoy event in Denver Colorado

The event ended at about 11pm at which time the attendees cleared the ballroom.  We then grabbed our tools and immediately began disassembling the ramp.  With our big crew (and amazing work ethic!) we are able to remove the ramp completely within three hours.  The following day we all flew home and the ramp was shipped back to our facility in California.  

Drone shot of Marriotts Spine Halfpipe by OC Ramps

Overall it was an incredible adventure. We'd like to thank the people and family of Marriott & the Gaylord Rockies Resort and our client, Jeff, for the great experience.  

Check out our Youtube video of the event!

If you have an event and want to spice it up with something different please don’t hesitate to reach out to OC RAMPS.  We will bring a fun, new and different vibe to your event making it an exciting and memorable experience for all.