OC Ramps Builds 160 Ramps for Summer Camps all over the World!

The process of building 160 bike ramp obstacles for kids summer camps all over the country, starts with careful planning and organization with the OC Ramps team. 

Pedalheads is a learn-to-ride bike camp known for taking kids from training wheels to two wheels to road riding. The camp hosts an adventurous summer lifestyle while improving their self confidence and esteem in a group setting with specialized equipment from OC Ramps, tailored cycling lessons, and incredible instructors to build confidence and get the most tentative kids to ride on their own.

OC Ramps products at summer camp

OC Ramps has been providing equipment for the camp for several years. In the spring of each year, the team first comes together to discuss the goals of the program for the intended users, and the desired outcomes. From there, the team works together to create a list of potential obstacle designs and features. 

Custom bike ramps for summer camp by OC Ramps

Once the designs have been finalized, the fabrication process begins. The team of skilled craftsmen and engineers fabricate each obstacle, ensuring that it meets safety and quality standards. The fabrication process took a few weeks because of the complexity & labor of some obstacles. Once the obstacles are complete, they must be shipped to their respective locations. The team works with logistics carriers to ensure that each obstacle is packed and transported safely and efficiently. Throughout the process, the team documents all the behind-the-scenes details, including team meetings, fabrication, testing processes, and shipping logistics. 

summer camp with bike ramps by oc ramps

The ramps have helped in improving the skills of the kids and they have contributed to the overall success of the program. We look forward to each year as it’s a pleasure doing business with amazing people for a good cause and the bonus is seeing how much the kids excel and gain confidence in riding. The future beholds a lot of talented shredders! If your after school program, camp etc. needs some assistance from OC Ramps - please connect with us to get your wheels spinning!! Till next time readers, keep shredding!