The Ultimate Custom Spine Mini Ramp: Phase 2 of Our Scottsdale Adventure

We're back with another epic skate creation - building the PERFECT backyard skate park, custom spine mini ramp.

The Exciting Continuation of the Perfect Backyard Skate Park


The OC Ramps team was buzzing with anticipation as we packed our bags and loaded our tools for the next big project. We were heading back to Scottsdale, Arizona, to add an exciting new phase to the custom spine mini ramp we started earlier. If you missed the first part of this journey, you can catch up here.


Laying the Foundation for the Custom Spine Mini Ramp

OC Ramps custom Spine Mini Ramp in Scottsdale, AZ

As soon as our squad arrived on site, we got straight to work. The first day was all about laying out the plan and starting to assemble the second phase of the ramp piece by piece. We spent the day unloading the material and adding a hip to the original ramp's main frame. This required precise measurements and expert welding skills. Remember, measure twice - cut once!


Building the Perfect Skateboarding Experience

Custom OC Ramps hip skateboard obstacle with Skatelite

Our team worked tirelessly under the hot Arizona sun, taking breaks only to refuel and recover their energy for the next round of construction. We added the bank and quarter pipe, each topped with Skatelite, a top-tier surface material for skate ramps.

As the ramp neared completion, we added the finishing touches, including the OC logo and a fresh coat of crisp white paint. This made the plywood and Skatelite stand out in all its beauty!


Celebrating the Completion of the Custom Spine Mini Ramp

Custom Bank by OC Ramps with Skatelite

Once the ramp was finally finished, the team took a well-deserved break to celebrate our skate team rider and installer, Christian's birthday. We enjoyed good food and drinks while reminiscing about our experience of building the spine halfpipe.


Spine Halfpipe Skate Park by OC Ramps


But as much as we enjoyed the festivities, we were all itching to finally let loose on the ramp. And when the time finally came, we wasted no time in getting our boards out and hitting the halfpipe at full speed. The rush of adrenaline was palpable, and the team reveled in the feeling of skateboarding on such a high-quality, custom-built ramp.


OC Ramps celebrates skate team riders birthday

In the end, the project was a resounding success. The team left Arizona proud of what they had accomplished. More importantly, the customer was beyond pleased with the prized addition to their at-home skate park, and looks forward to the memories of building and shredding it for a lifetime.

 Custom skate park in Scottsdale, AZ by OC Ramps


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