OC Ramps Shoe Box - DC Shoes x Black Sabbath Giveaway

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DC x Black Sabbath Shoe Box Skate Ledge Giveaway

When our contact at DC Shoes reached out to us regarding a customized shoe box skate ledge for a collaboration they had coming up we were hyped! When we found out it was a collaboration with Black Sabbath, we were even more excited.

OC Ramps Skate Ledge

Our contact with DC Shoes was familiar with our recent project with éS and adding the éS Shoe Box - Skate Ledge to our list of products. What better way to incorporate a collaboration with Black Sabbath than by giving away a FREE DC x Black Sabbath skate ledge.

OC Ramps Skate Ledge Shoe Box

We prepared and provided all raw materials to our contact who had the materials painted and designed to reflect their upcoming collaboration giveaway. As soon as we received the materials back, our team got to work with assembling this rad skate ramp obstacle.

Putting together the DC x Black Sabbath Shoe Box - Skate Ledge

Once it was completely assembled, we could not help ourselves but to take a few photos of this sick new skate ledge. Our contact came to retrieve the shoe box and get it ready for the giveaway!

Shoe Box - Skate Ledge Custom Made for DC x Black Sabbath Collaboration

Head over to Zumiez Stash for all of the giveaway details and for your chance to win this customized DC x Black Sabbath Shoe Box - Skate Ledge.

 DC x Black Sabbath Giveaway with Zumiez Stash

** OC Ramps does not have any affiliation with this giveaway nor do we have any additional details regarding how to enter - please visit Zumiez Stash **