Pushing for Pink - Breastival

Los Angeles, California
Pushing for Pink x GUESS - Breastival 2021 Flyer
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Pushing for Pink paired up with GUESS and hosted the first annual fundraising event - Breastival. A portion of proceeds were donated to women and families who have been affected by breast cancer. The OC Ramps team could not have been more excited when we were contacted to participate in the event alongside many other great brands and businesses.
Our team's role was to prepare a few skate obstacles for the event. The obstacles included a 4' tall x 20' wide half pipe ramp and a custom triangle skate ledge which was 10' long on each side. All obstacles were painted pink to for the event and included customizations on each ramp to emphasize Pushing for Pink, GUESS, and the overall event.
OC Ramps Pink Breastival Skate Obstacle
Leading up to the event, our production crew was busy prefabricating all the ramp obstacles in our warehouse to ensure a smooth and quick set up for the event. We locally sourced the paints and the brand labels and had both applied.
OC Ramps Pink Customized Triangle Skate Ledge
Once our prefabrication process has been completed, we secured them onto our trailer and headed to Los Angeles the Saturday before the event. When we arrived, our team began unloading all the skate ramp obstacles and got started on the set up. We added all of the final touches to the ramps and took off.
OC Ramps Pink Customized Half Pipe Ramp
The event was held on that Sunday and two of the skaters on our team, TomTom and Christopher Hiett, attended the event to show support, shred the skate obstacles, and check out all of the other brands and companies which came out to support the cause.
The production crew headed back out to Los Angeles Sunday evening, once the event had ended, and broke down and packed up the obstacles before heading back to our warehouse in Orange County.
This was a rad skate event put on for an important cause. We are so hyped that Pushing for Pink had us take part in this event. We are ready for next year!
Check out our latest video highlighting the Breastival event!