Shredding Bowls to DIY Mayhem with Dalton Dern

Get ready for a thrill ride as Dalton Dern makes his way to Orange County, checking in on a client's new skate bowl installed by OC Ramps. 

From tearing up the perimeter to launching into the bowl, Dalton showcases a symphony of skilled tricks that will leave you in awe. Wanna see the deets on the skate bowl & installation, click HERE for the full blog by us! 

Dalton Dern skating OC Ramps Skate Bowl in Costa Mesa

🔨 DIY Shenanigans at OC Ramps HQ: The adventure doesn't stop there! Dalton brings the fun to the shop, where, with the crew's expert assistance.

DIY handrail with Dalton Dern at OC Ramps

The guys craft a handrail journey from our 5ft tall halfpipe, seamlessly connecting to the concrete ground with the help of a 7ft tall extension, a wedge bump, and some stacked pallets. The real kicker? Nailing it on the first try!

Dalton Dern at OC Ramps with DIY handrail on halfpipe


🛹 Stay Tuned for More Epic Adventures: For a perfect blend of fun and professionalism, buckle up and stay tuned for Dalton's daring escapades and more creative DIY wizardry!

Dalton Dern skates OC Ramps 5ft Tall Halfpipe