Backyard Miniramp for Workaholics Director

Kyle Newacheck, best known for his writing and directing of the Comedy Central television show, Workaholics, has been in recent contact with OC Ramps after decided that he wanted to get a wide mini ramp for his backyard up in Calabasas. We sold a halfpipe to one of his neighbors, and he would often go over and skate it, and he quickly decided he needed one for himself.
After contacting us, he bought our 16 foot wide halfpipe with two layers and two extensions. Most of his backyard is very green and lush, so he wanted to custom paint it with different shades of green so it would blend into the environment of the yard.
When we arrived at his home, he had a big trampoline in the backyard in the general area of where he wanted the ramp to go. So we went ahead and moved the tramp over a bit and there was a perfect spot to fit the halfpipe. The area to build the halfpipe on had to be 23 feet long by 16 feet wide.
The slope was pretty level however we did need to elevate it a tad bit with pavers. We placed those around the perimeter and in the low corners added 2-3 pavers to level it off.
The ramp installed very smoothly with our build crew. We had a licensed and bonded general contractor on site to ensure proper safety and installation. Everything was built and painted in about 4 and a half hours. We talked to Kyle after the ramp was installed, he was hyped on it. Him and his wife are very pleased with the finished product. they are stoked to have bbqs and backyard parties with their friends to skate and enjoy the ramp with.