Catalina Custom OC Ramps Skate Park


In the beginning of the year, the parks and rec department of the City of Avalon on Catalina Island reached out to us about setting up some skate ramps on their small skate park. Avalon is a small city on an eight mile wide island off the coast of Orange County. Its total population in the 2010 census was 4,096 people, 90 percent of whom live in the island's only incorporated city, Avalon. The reason why the City of Avalon reached out to us, is because they were recommended to us by several skateboarders, and their city leaders had heard about our reputation in the skate world. So when the originally requesting information, they were very impressed by some of the previous projects we have completed. They initially placed an order with us for several obstacles including; quarter pipes, rails, and flat ledges. They were delivered to them in kit form, and after they installed them, they contacted us stating that they were impressed by the quality and the kids really enjoyed the new obstacles. After a couple of months, they reached out again and they wanted to install a bigger, custom piece. This custom piece was going to be a more robust item added into their skate park. Essentially, they were looking for something that had a kicker ramp, a ledge, a platform, and stairs. The main thing we had to work with was their budget, once it was confirmed, we were able to come up with a design that would suit their needs. We sent several options to them, and the parks director had a meeting with the local skate kids and their was one clear winner. Once Catalina gave us the green light, we started preparing the ramp here in our warehouse. We pre-cut and pre-drilled everything, and prepared the top layer of skatelite. Skatelite was an obvious choice for them due to the island weather of extra sun, humidity, and rain. Once we assembled the ramp here, we disassembled it, put it on a pallet, and shipped the obstacle to them. Per their request, they wanted a couple of us to head out and assemble it this time, because it was a larger, more customized piece. We took the Catalina flyer out of Newport Beach and headed to the island. We arrived at about 10:3o AM, and we were picked up by a golf cart (Catalina's main transportation) and started building right away. The pieces installed smoothly, as anticipated, we had everything already labeled and numbered in advance. While we were building, a couple of the park maintenance works had some questions about building ramps and applying skatelite. We were able to give them guidance on how to properly install a skate ramp. We finished at about 3 pm, and the boat left at 4:30, so we grabbed a quick lunch, chilled on the beach, and then headed back to Newport Beach. We were back in Orange County by 6pm. If you are interested in any custom obstacles, feel free to contact us. We can come to you, and install in just a few hours!