Custom Etnies Benches

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If you have been keeping up with the custom builds that OC Ramps has been doing this summer, then you definitely saw the halfpipe we did for Etnies for the Fourth of July Parade. Etnies, and all the kids who skated the ramp loved it and were impressed with the quality, so they contacted us to build two custom 12 foot benches for the Etnies skate park. The skate park is one of the biggest and most well known skate parks in the US. The custom picnic bench we designed was TJ Rogers signature obstacle, but 12 feet in length. This was our first time making one this length so the butter material had to be custom ordered for it. The other obstacle was Jordan Hoffart's signature obstacle. OC Ramps custom branded these custom Etnies benches with gray and black paint and the logo engraved onto the benches. Everyone who has visited the skate park has been hyped on our new edition. We can't wait to design even more custom obstacles for Etnies in the future! 4   3     2