Customer Updates

We love seeing what our customer's are up to once they receive our products even if it's from their location/placement to creativity skills! Whether your in sunny California to high heat in Texas to heavy rain/moisture area's like Hawaii; our products are truly versatile. With natural plywood as a blank canvas for many, below are some prime examples of how artistic our clientèle is!

Best way we know to add some spice to your grass is by adding our 8ft half pipe with a 1.5 foot extension & topping that bad boy with Skatelite Pro for the ultimate longevity on your ramp! Elevating the mini ramp with concrete pavers is key to avoiding any future undercarriage damage.

Along the Pacific Coast in the heart of Malibu, California our customer displays a gorgeous custom Garage Mini Half Pipe with double 3ft tall extensions and extended top decks. Limited on space definitely did not hold these guys back from fulfilling their dreams to skate with an insanely epic view.

Further up the coast to Northern California one of our clients hand painted their half pipe with a far out Galaxy in mind. Vivid colors helps place you into outer space while shreddin' it up. Amazing job!

Even with the smallest spaces, we can put a mini ramp anywhere! Without a inch to spare our Virginia customer was able to perfectly squeeze our Garage Mini Half Pipe into their basement as it's a great way to stay out of the elements year round and maximize any open space in your home.

Being in a tropical paradise such as Waialua, Hawaii comes with the perks of endless natural beauty anywhere you venture, however shipping anything from the main land to paradise gets costly & a bit tricky! Specially shipping a half pipe via air/boat freight! It's always obtainable if you're thirsty & open to the challenge.

Let's not forget to show some love to our Quarter Pipes!! A client of ours up in Washington hand painted a 6ft wide Quarter Pipe bright Orange & added some radical details to accentuate the curves of the transition.

Needless to say, wherever you are located and whatever space you have to work with..we can make your dream become a reality! Email us and let's make it happen.