Desert Photoshoot with Nyjah Huston + MVMT

Joshua Tree, California
Nyjah Huston on OC Ramps 8ft wide halfpipe
In Spring 2021, the director of video and social media for MVMT watches reached out to us and mentioned that they were going to have an upcoming Olympic athlete skate for a commercial with them and they needed a ramp. They first wanted some quotes and estimates for getting a ramp for them and mentioned that it would take place in Joshua Tree, California which is located in a desert region of Southern California.
OC Ramps mini ramp with Nyjah Huston + MVMT
He later disclosed that this production was for Nyjah Huston. Nyjah is the top name in skateboarding and has won an immeasurable number of X Games gold medals and Street League medals.
Building OC Ramps mini ramp in desert photoshoot
To give them an accurate quote, we needed some photos and measurements of the space they were planning to place the ramp. Logically, a ramp needs to be built on a level surface so we needed to ensure that they did have plenty of space. This was a matter of finding enough space that was flat enough for the ramp. The perimeter needed for the ramp they were interested in would be 8 ft wide and 23 ft long. You guessed it! This was for our 8 ft wide half pipe.
OC Ramps 8ft half pipe in watch photoshoot
Once we were able to confirm all of the necessary information, we scheduled a date to send out our installation crew. We drove out the day of the shoot.
As always, all of the material was already pre-cut and pre-drilled. We ensured that all material was ready to go and we sent out our two top installers for the job. We were able to back our trucks back onto this rocky, dirt driveway and fortunately we were able to unload and assemble the ramp right beside our vehicles.
Plywood OC Ramps mini ramp in desert photoshoot
We were able to set up the ramp in under 2 hours. One thing that we did a little extra to go above and beyond was MVMT provided a logo for the new Nyjah watch and we were able to program in this design in out AutoCAD system and cut it out in plywood and so that we could have it placed on the side of the ramp.
Custom logo for Nyjah Huston & MVMT on CNC machines
For this ramp, we had both our OC Ramps logo and Nyjah x MVMT logo.
Painted custom logo for MVMT
This was a nice feature because it was something unexpected which we were able to provide for MVMT and they were really impressed with being able to do something custom like this on such short notice.
MVMT custom logo from OC Ramps CNC machine
They then filmed with Nyjah the next day. Nyjah stayed at the Airbnb property which the ramp was set up beside. It is famous for having glass and mirrors on the exterior.
Desert view of Mirror House & OC Ramps halfpipe
The day after they were done filming, we sent our crew back out in the early morning to disassemble. We were able to disassemble quickly and were able to ensure that all the screws were accounted for and nothing was left behind in the dirt or rocks. The crew then headed back to our home base in Orange County.
Nyjah Huston skating OC Ramps mini ramp
The edit that MVMT did was incredible and reflected both an awesome and unique way to film and edit. They did an incredible job – watch below.