Desiging, Buidling and Installation Skate Ramps

We've been working on a series of new mini ramps- wood, plastic, metal and concrete. Why? Because you've asked us to build it! Last weekend we had a request for a custom designed mini ramp half pipe. A few of the OC RAMPS crew drove out to Hollywood in Los Angeles to install the skate ramp in just a few hours. The design was simple; to create a mellow transition, specific amount of flat space (between the two quarter pipes), have the metal coping installed a certain way and to coat the ramp with Skatepaint. Custom designed skateboard ramps can be a blast to build. Its something new, challenging, fun to architect and enjoyable to see the stoked faces of the skaters that are receiving the ramp. We've also been responsible for many skate parks. Several summer skate camps have asked OC RAMPS to install their half pipes, quarterpipes, rails, etc. Designing skate parks is another passion of ours--its more than one ramp! Over the years we've bought all the proper power tools to complete these tasks without difficulty. With over 13 years experience of building skate ramps, we've got a pretty solid grip on designing, building and installation of all kinds of skateboard ramps. Contact OC RAMPS if you have a custom ramp or skate park that you'd like us to create!
Office: 714.285.0220 or Toll Free: 1.888.789.OCRAMPS