Google Halfpipe

A couple of months ago we had the grand opportunity of working with GOOGLE. They were constructing some new buildings within their headquarter facilities in Northern California- Palo Alto/Mountain View areas. As we already knew, GOOGLE treats their employees well. Their offices have full time gourmet chefs, basketball courts, trampolines, and all sorts of fun for their workers. GOOGLE wanted a custom made wooden skateboard ramp for their staff. Who would have thought-- a bunch of computer geeks want to skateboard a mini ramp!?! Skateboard Ramps - OC Ramps For a bunch of technology buffs, they really knew what they wanted in their skate ramp. They specified the ramp needed to be at least 5 feet tall with a mellow transition- between a 7-8 foot radius. Based on their designs and plans for the ramp, we then had to decide on the right materials. Obviously, they wanted nothing but the best! Apart from using the highest grade lumbers available on the market, we also had to use 'green' lumber. Not green in color! in the sense that certain chemicals are not present. Their halfpipe is one of the best ramps we've ever built. The skaters were ecstatic about the design and ramp. They explained "it rides so smooth- seems like a concrete ramp!" After hearing of their wonderful success we decided to add the GOOGLE halfpipe to our product list online. Skateboard Ramp Mini Ramps