Half Pipe for the Fresh Prince

Los Angeles, California
A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of going outside Hollywood, California to Will Smith's house. His son, Jaden Smith, is a young skater that was anxious to get a professionally built half pipe (mini ramp) set up at the house. Who did they call? None other than the OC RAMPS crew, of course!
Skateboard Ramps - Halfpipes
We took a small build crew to handle the installation of the wood mini ramp. We pulled up to their gorgeous home and began unloading the skate ramp kit into their house. Yes, the ramp went inside! Will Smith had a game room with the perfect spot for the half pipe. That area couldn't have been built any better for the ramp - it was really meant to be!
After just a few hours, the ramp was finally finished and ready for Jaden to shred. The half pipe ramp ended up had 2 layers of plywood on the skate surface and the coping was made from galvanized metal. The transition used for this ramp was our newly improved design - a bit more mellow and full sheet cut out.
If you're interested in the ramp that was purchased by Will Smith, click the half pipe ramps link and you'll see all of our options. Don't have room for a mini ramp? Not a problem. Buy a quarter pipe ramp!
As always, contact our team with any of your questions.