Indoor Mini Ramp + Bowl Corner

About 2 years ago, we installed a ramp for a customer in Moorpark, who runs a social media company, and decided he wanted to get another one for his office. Well, it didn't quite fit so he decided to rent out a separate warehouse JUST for the ramp. We assembled the 20' mini ramp, and a couple months later, he wanted us to add another quarterpipe perpendicular to that. After skating that for a bit, he decided to scrap that and add a bowl corner to fill that section. As soon as we heard that, we got right to it!
We prepped the bowl corner as much as we could in our own facility in Santa Ana. We also took additional measurements at his warehouse for the wallride and flat section of the ramp. After we prepped what we could in our warehouse, we drove out with a small crew to the site to begin the installation. The real tricky part was getting everything to fit in flush and perfect.
Our customer wanted us to maximize every inch in the warehouse because he didn't want to have the ramp 2 feet away from the wall or a few feet off the back, he wanted everything to the full extent. Our welder came out to weld the coping on site so it sat flush with the existing coping of the ramp. The assembly took us a full day and when the customer arrived, at the end of the day, he was absolutely ecstatic. He was practically pushing us out so he could test it out and skate it. If you're looking for a custom skate ramp or skate bowl,
You dream it, we build it.
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