Lucky LA Schools

Los Angeles, California

Super hyped to announce the delivery of OC Ramps products to 13 different Los Angeles Schools!
LASD, oc ramps, quarterpipe, skateboarding,
We were contacted by a non profit foundation that had an amazing passion to help pump up the after school program to a new level. Best way is to of course incorporate our products within the activities! The non profit organization held a fundraiser & with the communities help they reached the goal of donating to 13 after school programs!
Our crew brainstormed the best way to get this awesome opportunity into full effect; we quickly went into fabrication mode as all these items needed to be assembled before delivery. Here's a few pictures during production.
(Picture-Assembled 4ft Quarter Pipes)
quarterpipe, skateboarding, oc ramps, wood
(Picture-Assembled Speed Bumps)
wedge bump, oc ramps, skateboarding, wood, handmade
The project took several days to cut, build & assemble the tall order of 30 Quarter Pipes, 30 Decline Combos, 30 Adjustable Rails & 30 Wedge Bump Ramps!!
wedge ramp, oc ramps, skateboarding, wood, orange county
(Picture- Assembled Wedge Bump Ramps)
wedge bump, ramp, oc ramps, skateboarding, wood
(Picture-4ft Quarter Pipe)
oc ramps, quarterpipe,half pipe, skateboarding, oc ramps
Once the tall order of fun was filled, next step was getting it loaded onto the largest 26 foot truck available along with attaching our trailer for maximum space.
oc ramps, oc ramps delivers, skateboarding, wood, ramps
adjustable rail, oc ramps, 12ftrail, skateboarding
Heading out of Orange County in a 26 foot truck & trailer into LA traffic was an epic event pulled off by our talented crew. The deliveries took place within 2 full days of 13 school locations ranging from Downtown LA to the South Gate area.
LASD, skateboarding, after school program, oc ramps, quarter pipe
As we rolled up to a few schools we saw many excited kids during recess anxiously awaiting our arrival.
after school program, skateboarding, ramps, oc ramps, half pipe
We handed out hundreds of stickers & left plenty of stacks for each school to disburse.
after school program, oc ramps, half pipe, skateboarding, rails, grind box
All 13 schools received a few of each of our items & is now set up with a mini skate park including some rad obstacles for any level skaters.
after school program, oc ramps, rails, half pipe, grind box
Which school is next?! Yours??!
Contact us & let's get those wheels spinning!